As a nature enthusiast, traveler, and photographer, I am constantly inspired by the beauty and diversity of the world around me.

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting places to explore and photograph.

My true passion lies in capturing the beauty and emotion of people's stories. I am always drawn to the little moments and unexpected reactions that reflect the authenticity and individuality of my clients.

In an andean community in the Peruvian Andes.

As a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of capturing powerful and emotional images that truly tell the story of your special day. But I also believe in the magic of mystery, and the power of images that leave a little bit to the imagination.

When you choose me as your photographer, you can expect a balance of both traditional and unconventional images that capture the essence of your love story. From the candid, natural moments to the more mysterious and imaginative shots, I strive to create a unique and diverse collection of images that truly reflect the personality and spirit of your relationship.

Based in Porto, Portugal.

Available for commissions at any destination.

I am eager to learn more about your love story and how I can help you create unforgettable memories through my photography.

Let's work together to create images that you will look back on and cherish for a lifetime.